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About Us


'So Am I' is essentially a collection of children's books designed with the so-called young 'Black' scattered population of the world in mind. However, So Am I is also an awesome way for other cultures to enjoy, learn and become better familiar with the issues, cultures, and history of the so-called 'black' population most of which are situated around an ongoing story series of a 'black' family 

living in London, United Kingdom.


Although there are standalone books that aren't in any particular sub-category and vary in content, So Am I Volume One is generally categorized into two sub-groups:

- 'My First' series targets younger children from birth to around the age of 5 and explores its content in a fun and basic formation for very early readers and covers topics such as counting and learning the alphabet.

- The 'So Am I' Series is a story series about a Hebrew Israelite family concerns Kioni, her brother Boaz and their family and the conundrums they experience while learning about their culture, history, and world issues that concern them.

- This book for young people, a bit more advanced than the others in the So Am I Series, challenges history as we know it and takes us on a journey through what could have been true regarding black people during and before slavery. This is The Hidden Black Histories Series.

- Wisdom Anthology Series is a collection of short proverb styled 
children's stories, full of biblical knowledge and wisdom, all rolled into one super-packed edition for you to read, learn from, and enjoy. 


Meet the Story Series Characters 


This is Boaz, he is 7 years old. His name is a biblical one meaning he is named after one of his ancient ancestors from the  Bible. Boaz is proud of his name because it makes him feel powerful and special. His favorite subject at school is History although he is just as enthusiastic or maybe a little more enthusiastic about his own history and culture since they don't teach that at school. 


This is Boaz's little sister Kioni, she is 4 years old. She is in reception and goes to the same school as Boaz. Although is 3 years younger than her brother, Kioni is so passionate about learning that she is almost as smart as him.  Kioni has a very vivid imagination. This means that her imagination creates powerful feelings and clear images in her mind. She sometimes scares herself because of it especially considering her often the pursuit of information.

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