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Book of Genesis breakdown/Summary

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Genesis chapter 1

Ge 1:1-2.

God creates heaven and earth;

Ge 1:3-5.

the light;

Ge 1:6-8.

the firmament;

Ge 1:9-13.

separates the dry land;

Ge 1:14-19.

forms the sun, moon, and stars;

Ge 1:20-23.

fishes and fowls;

Ge 1:24-25.

cattle, wild beasts, and creeping things;

Ge 1:26-28.

creates man in his own image, blesses him;

Ge 1:29-31.

grants the fruits of the earth for food.

Genesis chapter 2

Ge 2:1-3.

The first Sabbath.

Ge 2:4-7.

Further particulars concerning the manner of creation.

Ge 2:8-14.

The planting of the garden of Eden, and its situation;

Ge 2:15-17.

man is placed in it; and the tree of knowledge only forbidden.

Ge 2:18-20.

The animals are named by Adam.

Ge 2:21-25.

The making of woman, and the institution of marriage.

Genesis chapter 3

Ge 3:1-5.

The serpent deceives Eve.

Ge 3:6-7.

Both she and Adam transgress the divine command, and fall into sin and misery.

Ge 3:8-13.

God arraigns them.

Ge 3:14.

The serpent is cursed.

Ge 3:15.

The promised seed.

Ge 3:16-20.

The punishment of mankind.

Ge 3:21.

Their first clothing.

Ge 3:22-24.

Their expulsion from paradise.

Genesis chapter 4

Ge 4:1-7.

The birth, occupation, and offering of Cain and Abel.

Ge 4:8-10.

Cain murders his brother Abel.

Ge 4:11-16.

The curse of Cain.

Ge 4:17.

Has a son called Enoch, and builds a city, which he calls after his name.

Ge 4:18-24.

His descendants, with Lamech and his two wives.

Ge 4:25.

The birth of Seth,

Ge 4:26.

and Enos.

Genesis chapter 5

Ge 5:1-2.

Recapitulation of the creation of man.

Ge 5:3-21.

The genealogy, age, and death of the patriarchs from Adam to Noah.

Ge 5:22-24.

The godliness and translation of Enoch.

Ge 5:25-32.

The birth of Noah, etc.

Genesis chapter 6

Ge 6:1-7.

The wickedness of the world, which provoked God's wrath, and caused the flood.

Ge 6:8.

Noah finds grace.

Ge 6:9-13.

His generations, etc.

Ge 6:14-22.

The order, form, dimensions, and end of the ark.

Genesis chapter 7

Ge 7:1-16.

Noah, with his family, and the living creatures, enter the ark, and the flood begins.

Ge 7:17-20.

The increase and continuance of the flood for forty days.

Ge 7:21-23.

All flesh is destroyed by it.

Ge 7:24.

Its duration.

Genesis chapter 8

Ge 8:1-3.

God remembers Noah, and assuages the waters.

Ge 8:4-5.

The ark rests on Ararat.

Ge 8:6-12.

Noah sends forth a raven and then a dove.

Ge 8:13-19.

Noah, being commanded, goes forth from the ark.

Ge 8:20-22.

He builds an altar, and offers sacrifice, which God accepts, and promises to curse the earth no more.

Genesis chapter 9

Ge 9:1-3.

God blesses Noah and his sons, and grants them flesh for food.

Ge 9:4-7.

Blood and murder are forbidden.

Ge 9:8-17.

God's covenant, of which the rainbow was constituted a pledge.

Ge 9:18-19.

Noah's family replenish the world.

Ge 9:20.

Noah plants a vineyard.

Ge 9:21-24.

Is drunken, and mocked by his son.

Ge 9:25.

Curses Canaan.

Ge 9:26.

Blesses Shem.

Ge 9:27-29.

Prays for Japheth, and dies.

Genesis chapter 10

Ge 10:1.

The generations of Noah.

Ge 10:2-5.


Ge 10:6-7.


Ge 10:8-20.

Nimrod the first monarch, and the descendants of Canaan.

Ge 10:21-32.

The sons of Shem.

Genesis chapter 11

Ge 11:1.

One language in the world.

Ge 11:2-4.

The building of Babel.

Ge 11:5-9.

It is interrupted by the confusion of tongues, and the builders dispersed.

Ge 11:10-26.

The generations of Shem.

Ge 11:27-30.

The generations of Terah, the father of Abram.

Ge 11:31-32.

Terah, with Abram and Lot, remove from Ur to Haran.

Genesis chapter 12

Ge 12:1-3.

God calls Abram, and blesses him with a promise of Christ.

Ge 12:4-5.

He departs with Lot from Haran, and comes to Canaan.

Ge 12:6.

He journeys through Canaan,

Ge 12:7-9.

which is promised to him in a vision.

Ge 12:10.

He is driven by famine into Egypt.

Ge 12:11-13.

Fear makes him feign his wife to be his sister.

Ge 12:14-17.

Pharaoh, having taken her from him, by plagues is compelled to restore her.

Ge 12:18-20.

He reproves Abram, whom he dismisses.

Genesis chapter 13

Ge 13:1-5.

Abram and Lot return with great riches out of Egypt.

Ge 13:6-7.

Strife arises between Abram's herdsmen and those of Lot.

Ge 13:8-9.

Abram meekly refers it to Lot to choose his part of the country,

Ge 13:10-13.

and Lot goes to Sodom.

Ge 13:14-17.

God renews the promise to Abram.

Ge 13:18.

He removes to Hebron, and there builds an altar.

Genesis chapter 14

Ge 14:1-11.

The battle of four kings against the king of Sodom and his allies.

Ge 14:12-13.

Lot is taken prisoner.