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Israelite Baby Names

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

I will update as I go. Thanks for patience

Common Qadash / sounding boy names for Israelites by Soamibooks

Finding the right name for your new baby Israelite can be a beautiful challenge, but may become a little stressful when undecided. You want the name to grow with them so that when they grow up, living their own lives, the name is still strong and relevant to them. See the rich and classic Biblical boy names below:

Aaron | Aharawan | אהרון |𐤀𐤄𐤓𐤅𐤍 High mountain Abraham |Ahbaraham| אברהם |𐤀𐤁𐤓𐤄𐤌 Father of nations Adam | Ahdam | אדם |𐤀𐤃𐤌 Man Amos | Imawas | עמוס |𐤏𐤌𐤅𐤎 To carry, borne by God Benjamin | Banyamayan | בּנימין |𐤁𐤍𐤉𐤌𐤉𐤍 A favorite son Caleb | Kalab | כּלב |𐤊𐤋𐤁 Whole heart Cyrus | Karash | כּרשׁ |𐤊𐤓𐤔 Persian king Daniel | Danayal | דניּאל | God is my judge David |Dawad | דּויד דּוד | Beloved Ethan | Ahyathan | איתן | Enduring and strong Isaac | Yatasachaq | יצחק | He will laugh Isaiah | Yashiyah | God is salvation Jacob |Yiqab| יַעֲקֹב | — Supplanter Jared| Yarad | יֶרֶד |— Descent Joel | Yawaal | יואל | Yahawah is God Joseph | Yawasap | יוסף | Jehovah will increase Joshua | Yahawashi | יהושׁע | God is salvation Josiah | Yaashyah | יאשׁיּה| God supports Nathan | Nathan | נתן | He gave Noah | Nacha | נח |To rest Samson | Shamashwan שׁמשׁון | | - Sun Seth | Shath| שׁת | Appointed Zachariah | Zakaraya | זכריה | Yahawah recalled

Less common Qadash / biblical boy names

Some parents want their baby's name to have exemplify their cultural and biblical heritage but are looking for something more unique.

If that describes your objective, then you're in the right place. The biblical texts are full of interesting names for boys with more interesting meanings.

Absalom — Father is peace Alpheus — Successor Asa — Doctor, healer Asher — Happy and blessed Darius — Maintains possessions well Demetrius — Follower of Demeter Elon — Oak tree Enoch — Trained, vowed, dedicated Ephraim — Fruitful Gideon — Treecutter Gideon — Tree cutte Jordan — To descend Jude — Praise Kenan — Acquire Lemuel — Belonging to God Levi — Joined together Micah — Who is like God? Nicodemus — People’s victory Phineas — Oracle Reuben — Behold, a son Rufus — Red-haired Silas — Man of the forest Thaddeus — Heart Titus — The avenger Tobias — God is good Uriel — Angel of light, the flame of God

Biblical girl names

There are many names in biblical texts that you could give your little girl. But which one should you choose, when there are so many?

If you’re overwhelmed with options, try to break it down. What are you looking for in the name? Is it the name’s meaning? Or the way it sounds? If you want a name that feels classic for your baby, then choose one from the classic list. If you want to give your little girl a biblical flair, then choose one from the unique list.

Classic- Qadash sounding biblical girl names

Many people have grown up with classmates and friends who had biblical names but maybe didn’t even know it. Biblical girl names can be quite classic; even princesses and queens have had biblical names.

Give your little girl a beautiful and traditional name from this classic list: Abigail — Fathers rejoice Adina — Noble, gentle, delicate Angela — Messenger of God Anna — Gracious Ariel — Lion of God Bethany — House of figs Bethel — House of God Deborah — Bee Delilah — Delicate Diana — Heavenly and divine Esther — Star Eve — Life, animal Faith — Devotion Gabriela — God is my strength Hannah — Grace Hope — Desire to be Joanna — God is gracious Jordan — To descend Joy — Happiness Julia — Youthful and downy Leah — Weary one Lillian/Lily — Lily flower Lydia — From Lydia Mara — Bitter Rachel — Ewe Rebecca — To join Ruth — Friend Sarah — Princess Sharon — Fertile plain Susannah — Lily Tamara — Date palm

Unique biblical girl names

If you want your little girl to grow up with a touch of spirituality, then you might want to consider a unique biblical name. There are many interesting names in religious texts that can lend a special twist to your daughter’s name.

Take a look at these unique and cool-sounding biblical girl names: Abilene — Grass Adah/Ada — Adornment Areli — Golden Asenath — She belongs to her father Atara — Diadem Baara — Flame Bela — She of fair skin Carmel — Garden, orchard Damaris — Calf, to tame, be gentle Dinah — Justified Eden — Paradise Eunice — Good victory Genesis — The beginning Huldah — Loved one, mole Jael — Mountain goat Jewel — Plaything, delight Jochebed — God’s glory Keturah — Incense Mercy — Compassion, forbearance Miriam — Of the sea Milcah — Queen Myra — Myrrh Naomi — Pleasant one Sapphira — The pretty one Tabitha — Gazelle Terah — Earth Zibiah — Doe Zina — Guest, stranger Zipporah — Bird