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The Nostalgic Mango Spice: 44 Caribbean Songs (Music and Lyrics)

Mango Spice: A Celebration of Caribbean Music

Mango Spice: 44 Caribbean Songs (Music and Lyrics) is a spiral-bound book published in 1981 by A & C Black Publishers Ltd. It was compiled by Yvonne Conolly, Gloria Cameron, and Sonia Singham, and features sheet music and lyrics for 44 traditional and popular Caribbean songs.

The book was a labor of love for the three compilers, who were all passionate about Caribbean music. Conolly, Cameron, and Singham spent many hours researching and selecting the songs for the book, and they also worked hard to ensure that the sheet music was accurate and easy to read.

Mango Spice was an instant success upon its publication. It was praised by critics for its comprehensive selection of songs and its beautiful illustrations. The book has since become a standard resource for anyone interested in learning about or performing Caribbean music.

The 44 songs in Mango Spice represent a wide variety of Caribbean cultures and genres. There are songs from Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana, and other islands. The genres represented include calypso, soca, reggae, mento, and more.

The book also includes a brief introduction to Caribbean music, as well as a glossary of musical terms. This makes Mango Spice a valuable resource for both beginners and experienced musicians.

Mango Spice was out of print for many years, but it was reissued in 2019 by Routledge. The reissued edition includes a new introduction by Yvonne Conolly, as well as a discography of Caribbean music.

The book is still a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning about or performing Caribbean music. However, it is important to note that it is no longer in print, so it may be difficult to find.

If you are interested in learning more about Caribbean music, I recommend searching for used copies of Mango Spice online. You can also find sheet music and lyrics for Caribbean songs on a variety of websites.

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