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Aunty Edna Knows Best

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Aunty Edna Knows Best

Value: Obedience

Jahmani, Junior and Yara were like most other Israelite children when it came to their fear, zeal and love for Yahawah. The fear of Yahawah is the beginning of wisdom thus making them very wise from a very early age and this was their greatest value. However, even as young Israelites, they weren't perfect, showing far too much willingness and enthusiasm towards going on adventures and having way more 'fun' than their loving and equally wise Aunty Edna approved of.

Ever since their parents were taken by the great Red Dragon because they strayed too far from their village, Aunty Edna was extremely vigilant and protective of them and was always careful to keep the boys close to her skirts and under her wing.

At home Edna treated the boys wonderfully and the boys loved it also because there, they had the finest pick of exotic fruits, cooked, lawful meats, beans, salads, juices, healthy cookies and loads more glorious foods to choose from which were always in full abundance thanks to all of the people who contributed in the village, but unfortunately, one day, the unthinkable happened.

Aunt Edna fell ill and was almost near death. Jahmani, Junior and Yara were equally in frantic worry. Even though there had other adults in the village to help, they felt helpless and had no idea what to do. Finally, they went to the clearing in the forest to think about it in hope that they could find an answer between them and devise a successful plan.

“We have to find a cure for Aunty Edna immediately. The idea of living without Aunty Edna is terrifying and unbearable.” Yara said without hesitation. “But how? HOW?” Junior cried with his frantic, cute little Israelite sobbing, hopeless self. “There is a way. In this big miraculous world, there’s always a way.” Jahmani said confidently although his heart was considerably less sure than his mouth was, especially since it was the one thing most important that Aunty Edna always forebode.

“Israelites!” A dark foreboding voice suddenly emitted from the shadows in the bushes that could not be seen because of a lack of light. “You have faced dangers before for the ones you love haven't you? You must face them again.” The voice said.

“Who’s there?” Yara asked, with his voice quivering as much as his knees were in fear. “Yaramayah, is it you?” Jahmani suddenly asked bursting with a restrained joy in his face. If it was Yaramayah, the oldest friend of the Israelite boys and a Bible extraordinaire as well as Elder, he may have the wisdom to help them save Aunty Edna.

It was rather strange that he was in the bushes though behaving so mysteriously. “It is I, good Jahmani.” The voice said gently but all the Israelites could see was a shape, no face, no form, just a dark shape in the shadows. “Why can’t we see you?” Junior said distrustfully. “How can we know that it's you if we don’t see your face?” The doubtful Israelite questioned the Elder.

“If you see me, your Edna will not be saved. Are you willing to give it your all to save her?” The Elder challenged. All of the Israelites said "Yes" as one voice although each were individually troubled by the mystery and knew it probably wasn't a good idea. Again, remember Aunt Edna's warning about straying from the safety of the village.

“Then follow me. I am truly a powerful brother through the will of Yahawah, but we must see the greatest of all the universe to save her.” The Elder commanded. That sounded scary but they were willing to bow before the greatest of the universe to save Edna. It was hard to follow Yaramayah because he moved fast and his legs were a lot longer and stronger than the little Israelites legs as he was much older than them. Yet the whole time he was really always just a dark shape, nothing they could really see or touch, just a voice and shadow out ahead of them.

“How do we know he is really there and that it is him?” Junior said with despair but his despair only got worse when the forest closed around them and enclosed them like a deep cave. “Follow my trail Israelites and keep your eyes on me.” Yaramayah commanded but it was impossible to see him clearly as at the first, so they had to follow their sense of his presence and their sense of hearing to keep up.

They could tell his footprints although he himself was hard to see, where he walked had a glow that lasted just long enough for them to step in his footsteps. “Step in his steps” Jahmani said frantically. “The only way to make it is to walk just like he walked.” And that’s what they did until suddenly Junior went running off the path into the dark forest. “It’s impossible. We can’t follow what we can’t see. We need to know what is there. I doubt there even is a great one there and how can we know what is there really and Ahhhhhhhhh!” Came the eerie, sudden scream as Junior disappeared into the darkness.

Yara and Jahmani stood staring out into the dark hearing their brother’s frantic weeping as it faded off into the darkness in shock and fright. “Fear not,” the voice of Yaramayah came to their ears.” His doubts made him dissapear. He will not perish. He will make his way back to the Israelite village safe and sound. You cannot help him now. Run behind me, we must be fast now.” And the little Israelites doubled their pace.

The fate of Junior stuck in their memories, especially Yara who felt unsure that Junior was really okay and he could even really trust Yaramayah.

“Israelites, watch me only. We must cross the chasm of decision. Do not look down at the bridge but keep your eyes stayed on me and you will not fear. But run across the bridge.

Do not walk. Let your love for Edna carry you.” Yaramayah cried out and almost immediately, they felt the rickety wooden bridge beneath their feet.

They ran on its planks but up ahead they could see that many planks were broken or missing. They could have easily missed one and fallen into the gorge. They could hear the rush of water, feel the heat of fires and hear sounds of tortured people down there but they worked with all they had to not look down but stay their eyes on the Elder's darkened back running ahead.

Suddenly there was an explosion and Yara looked down. ‘Yara NO!” Jahmani cried out but too late. Yara's face grew pale and his eyes wild with terror. “IT’S NO GOOD. WE CAN’T MAKE IT. WE ARE TOO SMALL. THE DANGERS ARE TOO GREAT!” He cried loudly and then there was a loud SNAP and he was off the bridge. There was a fading cry out thereafter which was Yara’s voice fading, like his brother, into the darkness. “Run home, flee, it’s the only way.” And Yara too was gone.

On the other side, Jahmani wept alone. “Do not weep good Israelite. For we have reached our destination. Yara will not perish. His fears will carry him home to cower with his brother. The mission to meet the great one cannot be accomplished by those who give in to doubt and fear.

Come, he is here, the greatest one of all time. He is just over this hill.” “Who is this great one?” Jahmani said walking side by side to the figure who slowly began to become clearer and who sternly answered, "It is the great Red Dragon little boy".