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Once upon a time in a small village in Africa lived four children named Jazmine, Jamal, Erica, and Marcus. Jazmine and Jamal were siblings, while Erica and Marcus were their cousins. They all loved to play and explore the world around them. Playing with their friends and being curious about everything was what they enjoyed the most.

One day, Jazmine heard about a toy that could only be found in a store that was located a few miles away from their village. She wanted that toy so badly that she couldn't think of anything else. She talked to her siblings and cousins about it, and they all decided that they wanted to get that toy.

But there was one problem. The toy store was far away, and they didn't have any money to buy it. The children thought about it and came up with the idea to walk to the store and ask the store owner to let them play with the toy. They didn't realize that it was not a good idea to talk to strangers.

They didn't tell their parents about their plan to go to the store because they knew they would say no. They thought that they were smart enough to go on their own and come back safely. They set off on their journey filled with the excitement of finding the toy they wanted so badly.

They had not gone far when they met a stranger. He was wearing a hood and looked like he was in a hurry. He greeted them and asked where they were going. Erica, who was the eldest, replied, "We are going to the store to play with a toy we can't buy."

The stranger smiled and said, "Oh, that's great. I am headed in that direction, and I can take you there."

The children were excited and thought that he was their good luck charm. The stranger walked with them and spoke to them politely. He had a friendly face and warm eyes, and the children felt safe with him. They talked about the toy they were looking for and how they hoped to have fun playing with it.

The stranger listened to them, and when they got to the store, he even asked the store owner to let them play with the toy. The store owner agreed, and the children had a great time playing with it. They thanked the stranger and told him how nice he was to them.

As they were leaving the store, the stranger turned to them and asked if they wanted to go see something interesting. The children, excited about the possibility of discovering something new, agreed. The stranger led them behind the store to a secluded area.

That was when the stranger's demeanor changed. He began to act suspiciously, making the children feel uneasy and scared. They started to realize that something was wrong. That was when the stranger grabbed Jamal and Jazmine and tried to take them away. The other two children, Erica and Marcus, screamed for help, and luckily some of the shop owners heard them and managed to save the children.

The stranger was arrested, and the children were taken back to their parents. They were very upset about what had happened to them and were frightened badly.

Their parents talked to them about the importance of not talking to strangers, especially when they didn't know them. They told them that strangers could be dangerous and could hurt them. The children realized that they had been foolish to trust the stranger and promised never to do it again.

They learned that their parents were always there to listen to them, guide them, and help them. They also learned to appreciate the love and care they received from their parents, and they never again even thought of going on a journey without telling their parents.

From that day forward, the children knew the importance of not talking to strangers. They realized that strangers could be friendly, but not everyone who appeared to be friendly was a true friend. They learned that it was okay to say no to strangers who tried to befriend them, and to keep a safe distance from them.

They also understood that their safety and security mattered most, and they should never compromise on it. They were happy that they were back with their families, where they knew they were safe and secure.

The children continued to play and explore the world around them, but now they made sure that they did so with caution and safety in mind. They realized the value of the safety lessons their parents taught them and knew that they would always be there for them, no matter what. The end.